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Goulas of Emporio

This is a small labyrinth full of narrow cobbled lanes that can fit only one person, with stairs on each side climbing, almost vertically, up to small landings. There are also several doors in a row, small bridges below the ground that connect houses, rooms and domes - all structured in such a beautiful way thanks to the plasticity that characterises the easily processed plaster of the volcanic land. The irregular, random shapes and figures are very impressive.

Kasteli belongs to the type of fortified settlements and it was expanded from the initial core settlement around which the fortress was developed. The outer houses formed a continuous line. The settlement was built rather close to the settlement of Goulas (medieval, independent fortress that used to be the lord's residence).

The temple you can see in Kasteli is the temple of Eyaggelismos or Panagia Messiani (16th century). Near Kasteli you will notice the settlement of Goulas with the imposing view of the whitewashed church of St. Kyriaki (15th or 16th century). There are two other chapels dedicated to the Three Hierarchs and St Artemios. This Goulas was built to protect the lords of the towers as well as the farmers who used it to store their products. It belonged to the family of Darzenta. 


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