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Towards Kato Meria

Due to its mountainous morphology and the sequential peaks, the streams and the valleys, Kea’s inland differs from that of the rest Cycladic islands. In the area extending from Ioulis up to Chavouna, passing by Kato Meria, there are many areas with vegetation. The road is asphalted and there are points where you can distinguish the ancient path leading from Ioulis to Karthaia, while you move on the slopes of the biggest mountain on the island, Profitis Ilias, with the homonymous country chapel. The slopes are overgrown with oak trees, while the ‘kathikies’ stand out, i.e. stone-built rural residences, among meadows and forests.

At Ellinika you can visit the church of Taxiarches, built upon an ancient temple. In the same area the base of a bronze statue with one sole was discovered, bearing a dedication to Apollo and it is exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Ioulis. Throughout Ellinika there are parts of ancient buildings identified and incorporated in more modern buildings. At a distance of 2.5km from Ellinika, a dirt road on the left leads to the ruins of the monastery of Agios Timotheos (early 12th century). Today at the place of the monastery a stone church has been built, a representative sample of the stone-built architecture, while next to the monastery there is the cave where, according to the local tradition, Agios Timotheos stayed where there is a small trough with water as well.

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