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Until the mid 1980s Folegandros belonged to the so-called barren line. Then it was included in the regular itineraries of Piraeus and started being discovered by West Europeans and Greek holidaymakers. The island is the ideal destination for mild/ alternative forms of tourism, a fact that is closely associated with its long tradition in self-sufficiency. “Land is what you see and home is where you fit in”, according to a popular Cycladic saying. True; neither in the farmhouses of Ano Meria nor in the old residences of Chora can a double bed fit in a room. The same applies in the countryside. No one would build a tall house, as the winds were very strong from November to February, and in past times, if the house was visible from far away, it was threatened by the pirates.  

The Chora of the island, on the brink of a great precipice, half built inside a castle, is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved in the whole Aegean. It is a great tourist attraction and offers many options for entertainment and dining. Ano Meria is a rare case of Cycladic settlement that remains faithful to the traditional rural life. The island beaches with the amazing geological formations are quiet and idyllic.  

Folegandros is also distinguished for the light. It is that indescribable Aegean light defining the nude scenery in “that small but great world” of the South Cyclades, with the snow-white churches, the dry stones and the cracked hands of all those working to preserve these landscapes, hands tough but willing to warmly shake your own hands and welcome you to the island.


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