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In Kalymnos, you should definitely buy some sponges from the processing workshops. Moreover, “panes”, i.e. the Kalymnian wovens, are quite famous.  As far as the regional specialities are concerned, we suggest you try the traditional bread named “Eptazimo”, as well as corn bread, citrus fruits, vegetables, wine and honey. 

Local dishes

You should taste the stuffed lamb “mououri”, which is cooked in a big tall clay pot, so as the whole lamb will fit. It is baked from the previous day and it slowly roasts at 100-120 degrees Celsius until the next day, i.e. during at least 24-26 hours, into an oven with a door that is built with mud. It is said that this way of cooking was adopted during the Ottoman occupation in Greece, when Turks and pirates used to swoop on the island. With this way of cooking, there was no smoke or smell and no one could know that people were cooking lamb in order to celebrate Easter. You should also taste the “kapetanato” (pork cooked in the Dutch oven with potatoes), the “eptazimo” (bread with anise and ouzo), the famous “filla” (dolma), the “mirmizeli” (barley bread with oil, tomato and cheese), the “anama” (wine), the grilled octopus, fish and definitely the “spinialo” (seafood with lemon).

As far as sweets are concerned, there is the traditional sweet called “galaktompoureko”.


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