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Some of the special products of Kasos or “elaiki” (dry mysithra cheese), the traditional kouloures (bagels), the excellent honey, “sitaka” (a dairy product of Kasos) and the butter of Kasos famous since antiquity but rare nowadays.

Local dishes

The cuisine of Kasos stands out with flavors that you will not taste anywhere else in Greece. It is influenced by Crete, the sailors of Kasos and the Kasians that lived in Egypt. The local dishes are still served at the taverns of the island and not only during festivals and feasts. You will taste the “doulmaes” the famous tiny dolmas of Kasos and “sitaka” a local cheese from sheep’s fat or cow’s milk which is usually eaten with kouloures or makarounes (the basic dish at the festival of Christ on  August 6). Elaiki (salty myzithra cheese that is kept inside a can covered with butter for 4-5 months) is another local cheese. “Makarounes” is a type of pasta like penne served with sitaka and roast onions or garlic, the so-called “skordomakarounes”. If you like meat, you have to taste “boustia” and “bobaria” which are lamb’s offal with minced meat, liver and rice. If you prefer fish, you will find the dry-salted picarels, called menoules by the locals. Do not miss tasting the pilaf of Kassos, which is boiled in meat broth with tomato and is served with cinnamon, as well as lachanopitia (local pies with herbs) and roikio (a local wild herb boiled and served as a salad or stew, cooked with tomato).


Moschopougia - fragrant pouches - are small sweets, in the form of pouches, cooked with a special pastry and filled with almonds, sugar and rosewater. Taste the xylikopites (local pancakes) and the myzithra pies (with sweet myzithra cheese, honey and sugar).


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