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Apart from trying the fresh local meat and fish, you should also get a taste of traditional homemade products, such as rusks, sausages, pies, cheese and the “pasteli” (sesame seed candy).

Make sure you try the famous sun-dried marinated fish and the local specialty dishes of “strapatsada” (an omelet with fresh courgettes) and “kaparosalata” (caper salad) at the tavernas of Kythnos.

The outstanding cheese products of the island include the soft and unsalted “xino” (sour) cheese and the hard and salted “trimma” cheese, which is the base for the “sfoungato” (the local pan-fried cheese) and the “kopanisti” (spicy Feta cheese cream mixed with olive oil).

The island also produces thyme honey of exceptionally high quality.



Kythnos is famous for its centuries-old wine-making tradition. Most of the vines on the island flourish on its southwestern side, namely at Merihas and Episkopi. They were not stricken by phylloxera, thus most of them are self-rooted and over 150 years old.

The fragrant Sideritis wine, the Asproudes, the white Potamisi and the Sasala are the main white wine varieties, while the red Potamisi, the Mandilaria and the Tsambatos are the main red wine varieties on the island. The Savatiano and the Serfiotiko varieties are cultivated in the north of the island. The red Psarosyriko variety with the thin-skinned small grapes is a rather particular one.

Most of the island's vines bear fruit early. In fact, there are often two harvests: the first one in mid-August and the second one in mid-September.




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