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The famous chef Nikos Tselementes came from Exambela of Sifnos. His first book was published in 1910 and his name became the synonym of Greek recipes.

The Sifnian cuisine has many interesting dishes: “revithada” (chickpea soup), main dish of Sunday’s table, “mastelo”(lamb or goat in “tsikali” which constitutes the main dish in Easter’s table), “revithokeftedes” (chickpea balls), the string beans with garlic sauce, the caper salad, the cheese balls.

-Extremely tasty are the Sifnian pastries, such as “amygdalota” (marzipans), honey pie, “bourekia” (small pies with a savoury or sweet filling), “pasteli” (sesame seed candy), the coils and “loukoumia” (confections based on a gel of starch and sugar), and local cheese such as “manoura”, “chloromanoura” and “myzithra”. At weddings they treat the traditional Sifnian “pasteli” in diamond shape, and casserole or oven marzipan.

-In the confectioneries of the island you will buy all the local pastries and in the restaurants you will taste the local recipes. You can buy thyme honey, cheece, caper and herbs.

“Revithada”. The secret of its taste is the so-called “skepastaria”, the local clay cauldron. The tradition wants the man of the house to take it to the bakery of the village on Saturday in order for the family to take it back in the following morning, right after the Sunday mass. The local resipe is the following: We soak the chickpeas for ten hours in rain water with a handful of salt. We rinse them, we add a lot of onions and put them in “tsikali” with olive oil and rain water. We shut it inside the (wood)oven since 8 on Saturday night, until the next morning.


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