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The Cave of Aspri Petra

  The opening of the cave is located 257m above sea level on the Zini hill, which is 3km away from the Kefalos settlement and 33km away from the town of Kos. It was created 100 million years ago from heavily deformed ash-white limestone. In 1922, the Italian archaeologists A. Seta and D. Levi discovered ancient jar fragments, millstones, human fossils, blades made from obsidian, food relics and objects for cosmetic use that were made of bones in the cave. Most of them date back to the Early Helladic period and are related to the movement of the Pelasgians from mainland Greece and Asia Minor to the islands of the Aegean. More recent findings belonging to the Greek Dark Ages and the Hellenistic Period show that the cave was used as a place of worship of rural deities. 

The Plane tree of Hippocrates

  This historical tree is located on the mound between Finikon Street and the archaeological site of the ancient port opposite the Lotzia mosque. There is a marble wall fount attached to its pedestal with an Ottoman inscription that reads “Hippocrates’s water”. The trunk of the plane tree measures 9,8m in diameter and if it is indeed related to the father of modern medicine, then it must have sprouted from an earlier tree. This plane tree may be more than 400 years old, as it already looked way old in pictures of the 19th century.  
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