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Its mouth greets the sea on the northern steep side of Panagia rock, about 30m above the sea surface. It has several chambers. In the first one the carved tanks, bathtubs of the Roman times are preserved. The second one of 70m length has impressive stalactites, where the strong colors are due to the iron oxides.  

The total length of Chrysospilia is over 300m and its findings are evidence of periodic habitation and religious use. Apart from its speleological interest and its natural beauty, its walls are decorated with a number of ancient names drawn with a mixture of clay and date back to 400 B.C. Up until now 400 male and 3 female names have been recorded, 30 of which are not even mentioned in the surviving ancient Greek literature.  



Access by land is possible only by experienced climbers, as the carved footings that existed once have now been disintegrated. The cave is accessed by sea only by a small boat, only when no wind blows. To visit the cave you should first get permission by the port authority.

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