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Pisina at Pano Koufonissi

It is situated right after the beach of Platia Pounta (Italian) at the south-eastern side of Pano Koufonissi and you can reach it after 45' hiking from Chora. The seawater has corroded the coastal porous stones resulting in the formation of a nearly horizontal hole at the size of a real pool. Many visitors enjoy dives and plunges, but particular caution is essential as there are dangerous spots at the seabed and the passage towards the sea is rather narrow. It is advisable that you take a mask with you.    
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The water caves of Pano Koufonissi

Even if you do not have your own boat, it is worth renting a small vessel to access them and admire their natural beauty from the sea level. They are mainly located at the north-eastern side of the island, right behind Pori, in such a distance that the sails of the boats which disembark there are rather visible. Here the corrosion of the rocks that is caused by the water is so advanced that it could justify the word "koufo" (i.e. hollow) that constitutes the first part of the compound noun 'Koufonissi" that is the name of the island. Even today, they are considered as an exceptional fishing area, whereas many years ago many infamous pirates and notorious smugglers used to find shelter in their waters. Many of the cavities identified in these marine rocks lead to sandy seashores that can hardly fit around 2 to 4 people!    
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