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The minerals

Serifos is well-known to the European scientific circles for the variety of its mineral crystals such as garnet, andradite, fluorite, hematite, malachite and crystalline lead. The green quartz of Serifos (‘prasios’) found in Megalo Horio is considered very rare. 

The cave of Koutalas

On the ridge between Koutalas and Malliadiko at Stavrakopoulou there is an interesting cave with many stalagmites and stalactites, which was discovered accidentally in 1893 during mining works. Emilios Gromman, contractor of the company “Societe des mines Seriphos-Spiliazeza”, which exploited the mines of the island, tried to protect it and formed the entrance so as to be secure – in fact, he transferred most of the findings into the offices of the company in Megalo Livadi. However, his successors continued the collateral mining resulting in the sedimentation of the ground. Among the cave findings there were rare shells of the Hellenistic and Roman times, animal bones, numerous oil lamps as well as a coin with Perseus’s head dating back to the 3rd century BC. Having been looted repeatedly, it was shutdown by the Ephorate of Speleology and it is not accessible.  
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