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Ios is a beautiful multifold island. An island well-known in places such as Australia, Italia, Austria, America, England, France, Sweden, Germany for the nightlife which the visitors enjoy but it is also filled with traces of its long history. With golden sandy beaches and crowded or more deserted and peaceful beaches. With its Cycladic and amphitheatrically built Chora located where the ancient city was. With many churches and two monasteries where famous festivals are organized.  With numerous paths leading to dream locations, the Byzantine Palaiokastro, the medieval Agia Theodoti and the extremely important archaeological site of Skarkos. With a wonderful coastline of 87 km, which will be enjoyed by those who navigate the island by boat or the shuttle boats which organize tourist trips. For all these reasons, nowadays Ios is not only characterized by the intense fun with which it is connected, but it attracts people interested in the religious, the ambulatory, the archaeological and the marine tourism.

The tourist growth in Ios began in 1970 and reached its peak in the late 80s. Nowadays on the internet there are hundreds of sites exclusively dedicated to Ios and young bloggers with devoted followers are keen to participate in one of the August parties organized here. Whatever category you belong to, for those who enjoy their day, or their night, one is for sure: you will not get bored in Ios, not even for a while!


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