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Kalymnos - The Esperidon Fjord

The island of Kalymnos is the fourth largest island of the Dodecanese Group and widely known as an international sponge-harvesting trade center. Due to its unique beauty, Kalymnos is a worldwide destination for summer holidays as it provides lots of activities and sightseeing. But have you heard about its fjord?


A fjord on a Greek island? Why, yes!


Esperidon Fjord can be found at the island of Kalymnos and is said to be the most beautiful fjord in the Aegean, with its underwater treasures, the world-famous sea sponges.


A magnificent blue, natural fjord is your narrow gateway to a lush, green volcanic valley embroided with tangerine and orange trees in Vathy, Kalymnos. Near the mouth of the fjord, accessible only by the sea, you can also explore the Cave of Daskaleio, once a holy place that yielded a collection of beautiful pre-historic artefacts. Inhabitants from the Neolithic period onwards have all left their mark.


The deep and wonderful, centuries-old world of the fjord will surely captivate visitors. 


*** Please note that Vathi of Kalymnos, with the unique spectacle of the fjord and the lush landscape that extends throughout the region of the valley, is known for its vast production of citrus fruits, especially oranges and mandarins, which are quite well-known in Greece.


The Youth Association of the village, an active organization that has set itself the aim of promoting Vathi and the enhance its economic and cultural opportunities, organizes the "Citrus Festival", an event that promises its guests unique moments. Once on Kalymnos do not miss the opportunity to participate in the citrus celebration. ****

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