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Kalymnos: The paradise of climbing

For over the years Kalymnos is considered to be the world Mecca of climbing! The climbing reputation strengthened year after year, as the island conquers more and more athletes.


The value of the cliffs of high quality limestone and diversity, combined with the mild climate throughout the year, was recognized by an Italian climber in 1997 who visited the island for holidays.This particular climber created 24 package fields from the first time and since then climbers began to flock to the island of Kalymnos, as the reputation of the verdant hillsides of aromatic herbs and wonderful marine environment began to spread throughout the world.

In Kalymnos there are currently about 200 walking routes and 77 climbing areas. The island is considered as one of the major destinations where the climber visitors can find what they want, from plenty of challenging rock formations harmonically opposed to the simplicity and authenticity of the place.
On the island of Kalymnos are some of the most imposing rocky blocks in the world, a rich collection of rock formations with their unusual handles that challenge climbers to visit them. Apart from the rugged beauty of the landscape, impression cause also the names of areas, such as Belgian Chocolates, E.T., Hotel California, Je T'Aime, Jurassic Park and Local Freezer.

September is considered one of the most ideal months for climbing in Kalymnos, combining the appropriate weather with pleasant temperature of the sea for swimming and water sports.

It is noted that in recent years it is organized the climbing festival "North Face" Kalymnos (usually in October) , which brings together athletes from around the world .

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