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The subterranean world of Kalymnos – Let your footsteps guide you to the cave of myths

The medium sized island of Kalymnos, located in the Aegean Sea, a part of the Dodecanese islands complex is known and billed as the “Sponge-divers” island. Apart from the sponges Kalymnos has numerous caves that provoke geological and archeological interest. The caves can range in size from single rooms to large formations with winding passageways. They form in types of rock, such as lime stone, that dissolve in water. Let’s explore some of them.


Kefalas Cave 


About 2 kilometers southwest of Pothia beyond the Monastery of St. Catherine in Kefalas area you can visit the Kefala's cave; the most impressive and beautiful cave on the entire island of Kalymnos. The huge stalactites and stalagmitesare breathtaking. You will also be able to see traces of the worship of Zeus, which is the reason why the cave was initially recorded as the cave of Zeus. At the entrance the responsible ones will provide you with a helmet and torch.


Skalia Cave 


The Skalia cave or St. John's cave is located in Massouri,about one kilometer away from Skalia.Although the interior will compensate youfor the hardship to reach it, there is a steep 6-meters descent for the brave ones. It includes natural stalactites in strange formations and is considered to be relatively steep, so you should be quite carefulwhen visiting. The natural stalactite and crystal impressive décorwill leave you mesmerized.


Stimenia Cave 


The Stimenia cave is locatedin the northeast side of the valley of Vathi, in an area called St. Nikolas. Visitors can enter the cave from a big 12meter hole on its top which also lets the sun light come into the cave with the Lithomatico décor. At the same valley two more caves have been found considered to have been used by primitive habitation. Early Christian and byzantine pottery, ancient stone buildings and ruinsare also found scattered around the caves.


Daskalio Cave 


For the more experienced the relatively inaccessible Daskalio cave, is definitely a must see. Situated in the fjord like entrance of the small harbor of Rina at Vathi, it has only one way to be approached by a flight of roughly dug-out steps on the rock. Although it is known that the cave was raided many times, the finding here dates back to Mid-Minoan & Post Minoan times therefore they takes us back by 5.000yrs.Neolithic tools and the late Minoanage pottery found in there reveal human presence in the region since ancient times, demonstrating at the same time the use of the cave for both habitation and worship.


Seven Virgins Cave


Seven Virgins cave is located in the region Flaskas. It was named after the legendary sevenvirgins who hid into the cave in an attempt to escape from a pirate attack, but they never returned back to their castle.  Inside the cave there is also a small lake with stone-carved stairs.

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