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A key expression in Kasos is “na s’evro” (to meet you). If you know how to use it, you can open any door in Kasos. It can be a greeting welcoming you to the island, but it could also open the gates of paradise. But what else is Kasos, apart from a lonely, bushy rock in the Carpathian Sea and what do you need a key for? The journey to Kasos is a real getaway. It is a pinch of freshness, a unique opportunity given to each one of us to get to know our inner selves. It is a reference point leaving out the features of a tourist destination and flirting with personal experience. It is not necessary for everyone to like Kasos, nor to love the people of this island. But you can still meet some of these “characters” which are scarce nowadays. You will see a sunburned fisherman with his all-cut hands, a farmer with his calloused hands, a cattle-breeder with his leaning body and his hands strong like clamps from milking, an old man that has just arrived from abroad and speaks two or three language mixing them in confusion, a teacher giving history classes under an old tree, ladies who sing rather than talk, children absolutely happy until adolescence knocks their door. There are approximately one thousand permanent inhabitants. Each one different from the other, unique and distinguished, and above all people!


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