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Cast away for Kastellorizo

Kastellorizo is part of the Dodecanese simplex of islands located in the southeastern Mediterranean. This tiny island is surrounded by even tinier islets and it also lies 120 kilometers east of its nearest Greek neighbor island  Rhodes and only  2.5 kilometers south of the Turkish coast.

The only settlement on the island is located around the natural harbor and consists of the districts Pigadia, Chorafia and Mandraki. In the village there are many old houses, most of which are deserted after most residents have migrated for years in Australia.

The boat is the only means of transport to inaccessible cliffs and caves, but also for the neighboring islets of Ro, Agios Georgios and Round. Ancient Antifello the current Kas Turkish coast overlooks the port, while there are daily boats carrying travellers from both sides.

Twenty minutes by boat from the port is the Blue Cave of Kastellorizo ​​. Better known by its name “Cave Parasta” or "Fokiali" from seals that live in, it is the largest of the underwater caves in Greece and one of the well known worldwide for its rich stalactite decoration. Located in the southern part of the island it has 75m length and 35m height. The entrance is really low, in height of small boats.

In Kastellorizo everything is right there in front of you: churches, taverns and houses, dignified, inviting and so far from everything else, with nothing garish or defensive in sight. It is pretty and private and so small that from a distance you feel you could hold it in your hands.

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