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Keros is a semi-mountainous, steep island extending over a surface of 15km2 only 1,5NM northeast of Pano Koufonisi.  Its highest peak is Mount Papa (at 432m). The coastline of Keros is 27km long and it is not very fragmented. Hence, there are only a few natural harbors and coves on the southern and northeastern side of the island.

The huts of the sheep farmers who visit the island from time to time and the two small chapels at Konakia and Panagitsa are the sole evidence of human presence on the island today.

Rural dirt roads run through the central mountainside but they are narrow and inaccessible at some points. They were once opened for shepherds, since there are more than 7,000 sheep and goats that graze freely on the island. 

Keros looks like a naked lying woman at night under the light of the moon, when you gaze upon the island from Pano Koufonisi. This human shape that is brought out by the ridge of the island is supposed to have inspired the creators of the famous female figurines of the Early Cycladic Civilization. For more information on the archaeological treasures of Keros see Section Culture.


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