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First glance

Venetians and Francs called it ‘Arzantiera’, meaning Silvery, for the gray-white rocks that welcome you emerging from a shiny and crystal clear sea, as you reach the port of Psathi. Some wanderers believed that the name was given after the ancient silver quarries, which have not been found up to the present day. The inhabitants though, for thousands of years, have always called it Kimolos, thus showing unlimited respect to a place that has its own unique character and is able to capture their thought and gain their love in an inexplicable way.

With its austere and approachable beauty, the island grabs your attention at first sight. It looks so tranquil!

Yet, this is just an impression, since Kimolos has been created by the volcanic anger. It is depicted on stones of any possible and incredible hue, pebbles with priceless shimmers, golden sandy beaches, rocks with shapes you could not imagine ever existed, hot springs gushing out near the sea.


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