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The renovated Archaeological Museum of Kos awaits!

While spending your holiday in Kos you will definitely enter the process to discover the interesting monuments and archaeological sites of the island. You should not miss the renovated Archaeological Museum of the island!


After approximately four years that remained closed, the Archaeological Museum opened its doors on September 2016 to welcome both foreign and local guests.


Inside the first floor were several interventions. A pleasant surprise was the fact that the spaces were painted in different colors that were in complete harmony with the statues of the Hellenistic period and the other findings are the museum.

The Archaeological Museum of Kos was delivered renovated just 80 years after the first construction of the building in 1936. The project "Restoration - Epanekthesi Kos Archaeological Museum" was implemented under the Operational Programme of Crete and the Aegean islands from 2007 to 2013, where it joined in 2011 with a budget 2.3 mil. euros. The inauguration of the renovated Archaeological Museum Kos was made by the Region of South Aegean with the Minister of Culture, Mr. Aristides Baltas.


At the Archaeological Museum of Kos are concentrated all the findings unearthed during excavations carried out in the island since the beginning of the century until today, mainly from the archaeological sites of the Market and the West archaeological site, as well as individual sites such as the altar of Dionysus, the Odeon and the Roman House (Casa Romana). The exhibition of sculptures that currently operates at the Museum, collects works dating from the Hellenistic to the post Roman years and aims to show the general public the most important works of sculpture from Kos.


There is another mosaic, from the Hellenistic period, show the seabed, that adorns the north wall of the peristyle rom the restored Roman House (Casa Romana).


The museum is open daily from 07: 00-20: 30 with free admission for adults and children.

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