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Despite the fact that Kythnos is very close to Attica, it has managed to maintain the traits of an Aegean island. First of all, there are two small towns on the island, Chora and Dryopida, that look completely different from one another, yet both of them have simple and good-hearted people. Secondly, the island’s coastline has many curves creating about 100 coves and inlets all around Kythnos which are perfect for swimming! Most of beaches are not organized and that makes the island ideal for vacationers who are looking for more alternative destinations. Walk around the Aegean town of Chora. Discover the neoclassical Dryopida. Swim at Apokrousi, Episkopi and the heavenly sandy beach of Kolona that is wetted by two seas. Hunt for.... mermaids and elves in the cave of Katafiki. Gaze upon the sea from the castle of Oria. Relax in the healing waters of Loutra and visit Panagia Kanala.

And if none of the above is to your liking, you can always improvise! Kythnos will find another way to enchant you. 


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