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A gastronomic paradise with local products of Leros

A culinary paradise is hidden in Leros. With quality local products and a simple, traditional cuisine which respects the raw material, ready for unique tastes.
Primarily, Leros has many fishermen so the main product of the island is fish. In winter the waters of Leros host hundreds of tons of whitebait and butt caught with trawls. Summer is the season of the bonito mackerel and sardine. Bream, sea bream, lobsters, swordfish and squid are abundant in Leros. A typical traditional product is salted Kolios, the best “meze” for ouzo!
One of the well-known traditional products of Leros is the Mytzithra ( fresh or dry ) covered with the famous cheese a mixture of grape , olive oil and thyme , which gives it a great taste . It fits perfectly with nut oil and tomato, the grated for spaghetti. “Ladotyro” and “Krasotyro” are also two separate cheeses produced in Leros .
The culinary reputation of the island has to do with local, fresh ingredients. Fish, various tasty pies, local cheese and local honey are the basis for authentic Lerian kitchen. But while the fish lies at the eating habits of Leros do not miss the meat! In Lakki, Platanos and in other areas of Leros are also well known other culinary delicacies with meat.
In the taverns you will find the most delicious and simple food, cooked often from housewives. This simplicity and quality of the cuisine of Leros is the secret of success. Over time, Lerians disregard clichés and demands of mass tourism. The hospitality of the inhabitants, the cordial reception and service enhance the gustatory pleasures.
A big chapter in Leros local cuisine is the traditional sweets. Wherever you find yourself, locals welcome you with a sweet, such as quince, the bitter orange or eggplant. The folds, the soumada and the almond treats are not missing from any wedding or celebration. The Leros macaroons have lots of "fans"!
Embark you on an unforgettable culinary adventure in Leros!


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