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Leros- A pure crisp island heaven

Leros is located in the north Dodecanese near Kalymnos and Patmos. It is the largest natural harbor in the eastern Mediterranean. Generally the island is small, green and combines fun with relaxation!


Lakki is the name of the port town now sitting on this harbor, with its perfectly scooped mouth, closed all but 500metres. The island's capital, Agia Marina, is three kilometers north. A collection of neoclassical buildings and little white, boxy houses stand amongst narrow alleys leading from the sea to the top of the hill, where there's the remains of a Byzantine castle.

Agia Marina has some quite nice beaches, and a pretty marina, as does Lakki, but to experience the real power of this island it's nice to stay outside of the main towns. There are a number of very charming seaside villages, where you'll find many of the best places to stay in Leros and the interior, dotted with its windmills and churches, has a number of quite secluded guesthouses and resorts.

Located at the top of the hill Pityki stands highly the Virgin of the Castle.  It used to be a fortress and today lays in the church of Our Lady and the Church Museum. The Saint Isidore is a small chapel built on the top of a rock. Great romantic scenery... And last but not least the Virgin Kavouradena that is built into a cliff! It is said that a fisherman looking for crabs and found the image of the Virgin Mary.


Aside from relaxing, and appreciating the relics of the Byzantine era, Leros is a great place for walking, fishing, sailing, visiting markets and eating. Leros is a perfect place for fish because many residents of the coastal villages engaged in fishing. The island has some of the best fishing waters in the Aegean Sea. Do not lose the chance to visit the island and have some great culinary experiences!

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