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Tis Grias / Achla

It started to operate in 1914. Its round tower is 12m high. The lenses and machinery of the old lighthouse are kept in the Kairis Library in Chora.     


This lighthouse was built in 1856 and is the main point of reference marking the strait of Cavo D’ Oro, which separate Andros from Euboea. The fact that clouds are low in the area covering the lighthouse on many occasions caused problems to its operation. It was renovated in 1931 and became automatic in 1992. Until that time it was staffed by five men from the Lighthouse Service. Andreas Embirikos, the famous author from Andros, wrote about this lighthouse: «There, at the farthest edge of the island, in the eye of the north, in the mouth of the west wind, always standing and shining, the far-beaming beacon of ships, above the waves and above fear, it sweeps the horizon every night, with astounding brilliance every night, always sleepless and strong, a guide and savior of souls, the wakeful guard of the seafarers, the great lighthouse of Fassa».  

Tourlitis / Chora.

This lighthouse at the entrance to the port of Chora is the only one in Greece that has been built on a rock in the sea. It is made of stone and was built in 1897. It operated until World War II, when it was destroyed by German bombings. It was rebuilt in 1996 at the expense of Goulandris family. The stones used for its erection came from Northern Epirus.   


It was built in 1874 by the French Lighthouse Company at Gavrio, the furthest northwestern point of Andros. Its tower is 8m high and its focal plane is 96m.
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