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Papargyras, in Livada

A path with signs will lead you from Livada to the promontory of Papargyras, where one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the Aegean Sea can be found. It was built in the year 1910 and is considered to be an important lighthouse for the open sea, as it marks the passage between Chios and Ikaria, and the narrows between Mykonos and Tinos.  
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Dysvato, the small island in the narrows between Andros and Tinos

This is one of the most important “gateways” on the sailing route (such as in Kavo Doro and in the narrows of Mykonos) for commercial ships traveling between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It first functioned in the year 1905. Until the year 1970 it functioned with a lighthouse warden.  
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Planitis, in Panormos

It first functioned in the year 1886. It marks the harbor of Panormos, the only harbor in the north –for this is also important for fishermen.          
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