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Lipsi - An unspoilt summer isle

A tiny island of Dodecanese, Lipsi is geographically located between the islands of Patmos and Leros. Indeed a small and very quiet island, with warm clear waters, rocky hills with Mediterranean vegetation, and narrow streets among buildings painted in white and blue. Very friendly people, offering excellent Greek food at all restaurants in the area.


Lipsi Island is well connected with Rhodes and Patmos by daily ferries. There are enough hotels and restaurants for such a small island. Travelers can rent scooters, but the island can be explored on foot as well. The weather is warm, so September and probably in the springtime is a good time to visit, to avoid the heat, but still be able to enjoy the sea.


Travellers who visit the island very often keep themselves busy birdwatching. This is excellent for birds due to lack of disturbance from human activity. Auodian Gulls, Eleanora Falcons, Olivacious Warblers, Sardinian Warblers Red Back Shrikes, Spotted Flycatchers all common and seen most days along with a good variety of other birds.

Snorkeling in the bay near the port, and on the other side of the island, at Platis Gialos is also a great experience. Wonderful images under water and great Greek fish dishes afterwards! The sea creatures you are going to meet are colorful fish, a murena, sea urchins; sea stars and a sea squirt (don't touch it).

If you are looking for a charming, restful location that still has lots to offer to keep one enriched give Lipsi some serious consideration. Get away from the stress of work and everyday life, 'recharge your batteries' on this unspoilt place in the Mediterranean

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