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Lipsi: An island and a village

One of the smallest islands in the Dodecanese, Lipsi is brimming with two scenic harbors, white houses, and lovely pristine beaches. It is a quieter, more authentic alternative vacation island, and a great place to combine seaside relaxation with culture and unspoilt rural charm.


Hugging the deep harbour, Lipsi Village – the island’s only settlement – is a cozy, intimate affair, with an atmospheric old town of blue-shuttered houses radiating up the hill in a tangle of alleyways. The harbour is the hub of the action, and there is everything might you need here. Be sure to visit the beautiful blue-domed church of Panagia tou Harou, with its panoramic harbour-view terrace.


Some of the most interesting beaches on the island areLiendou Beach, Kambos and Platis Gialos.

The closest beach to the village is Lienadou beach and just 1km north of Lipsi Village, around the headland beyond Liendou, there is Kambos Beach which is narrower but sandier than its neighbor and also deeper and rockier.Platis Gialos will enchant you with its turquoise waters as the beach gently deepens so it is easy to get into the water.


The convenience offered by this place is unparalleled: a village, a port, the peaceful beaches and small hidden bays dotted along the coast and probably the most incredible waters in the Dodecanese.

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