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Traditional recipes. The traditional dish of the island is ‘patatato’ – cooked goat meat with potatoes. It is served at restaurants and taverns, but the festival of Agia Paraskevi, in Kato Meria of Amorgos, is where it is consumed in enormous quantities. At the same festival along with other festivals organized on the island, they serve ‘xidato’ as well (soup of offal like tripe). At Easter the housewives cook the “roast of Easter”, which is goat stuffed with rice and offal, dill and rosemary, baked in the oven (or better in a wood burning oven).

In Amorgos they make “pavli”, which are rusks of wheat and rye.

Beverages.–‘Rakomelo’ and baked raki are synonymous of Amorgos. Rakomelo is raki boiled with honey and some clove which is drunk hot. You will try it in almost all the traditional cafés, the cafés, the bars and the taverns of the island.

-Baked raki is a kind of local homemade liqueur. It is made of raki, honey and herbs or dried fruit, in several variants. It is served along with ‘pasteli’, ‘loukoumades’ (fried-dough pastry soaked in sugar syrup), ‘xerotigana’. You can buy bottled baked raki at the stores of Amorgos.

-‘Xerotigana’ of Amorgos is a variant of ‘dipla’(honey-dipped pastry), with cinnamon and roasted sesame.

-‘Pasteli’, which is served in other Cycladic islands as well, is made of susame and honey. The difference is that in Amorgos they make it softer and they put a small dose of cumin.

How the Baked raki is made

Amorgos is the only place that produces baked raki. It is served as an appetizer or as a digestive, usually though as a treat in celebrations. In order to produce the baked raki, they put water, sugar or honey, cinnamon, clove –and, optionally, some herbs- in a pot or a small cauldron. After they boil for 30 minutes, raki is poured in. They stir until the sugar or the honey melts, and it is ready.


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