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In Anafi saffron (crocus) thrives uncultivated. With the stamens of its flower many dishes of the local cuisine are spiced, as well as meats, cold meats, and even bread, pies or cookies. Try ‘zaforista tyropsoma’ (with flour, milk, mastic, egg, sesame and anise) and “pitaria,” homemade spaghetti made of a thin sun dried sheet of dough.“Anthotyro”, round white soft cheese made from sheep or goat milk, and “vrasto”, hard cheese made of curd whey and fresh goat milk, are delicious. In taverns and restaurants in Chora, the port, Kleisidi and Roukounas there is always fresh fish and fine local meat. Here the lovers of meat-eating enjoy “amathies” (pig entrails stuffed with rice, herbs and lemon sauce), “kavourmas” (finely chopped pig’s lung sauté with onions and saffron), “tzonari” (salted pork sauté with wine) and “tsilardia” (pig’s head boiled with vinegar and spices). Traditional desserts of the island are “gemista”: cookies with sesame, almond, orange, cinnamon and clove, “koufeto”-i.e. bites of Anafi honey and almond kernel-, “melitera” which are sweet cheese pies with eggs, sugar and vanilla, as well as “xerotigana”: thin honeyed sheets of dough sprinkled with sesame or coconut. Anafi produces excellent white wine with special local features. It is called “strofyliatiko”.



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