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Local flavors and recipes

As is the case with the neighboring island of Tinos, froutalia (or fourtalia) has been a quick and easily cooked local food for many years. According to the old recipe, sausages, lard, louza (salted pork), potatoes pre-fried in melted pork fat, eggs, salt, pepper and various types of cheese (Ladotyri, Chlorotyri, or Kefalotyri) were cooked in pork fat (that is called glina). It takes fifteen minutes to cook.

The festival of the chirosfagia (pig slaughter festival), which is also held in Tinos and Mykonos, takes place at the end of autumn. A pig is slaughtered during the festival that has a specific procedure and a feast follows. This custom originates from the Byzantine period. The traditional festival usually lasts three days.

* Louza is made of pork meat with some local variations on Syros, Andros, Tinos and Mykonos. The meat comes from the part of the animal from where steaks are made. In Andros, louza is made from sirloin and that is why it is also called “vasilikia” (royal). The meat is deboned and left in rock salt for about 12 hours. Afterwards, it is hung on the “krevataria” (reeds tied together) over a weak fire burning cypress wood and smoking the meat all night long. In the morning, the meat is washed with lukewarm water, left to dry and cut in pieces, which are thrown into a large cauldron with boiling fat called “paspalas” (lard) to brown. After the meat is browned, it is placed in a clay pot filled with melted fat (“glina”).

Local sausages are made of pork meat, local wine, orange zest, salt, pepper and aniseed.

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Sweets and drinks. The most famous sweet of Andros is the amygdaloto (almond pastry), which is served at weddings and festivals. It is made of ground blanched almonds or almond paste, meringue and occasionally semolina. It is flavored with rosewater, shaped into various forms and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

You can also try kaltsouni and pastitsaki. Soumada is an outstanding drink made of almonds.


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