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“Souroto”, the salty soft white cheese that deliciously replaces feta cheese in Greek salad, is the most famous of Folegandros dairy products. Souroto and fresh onion are the main ingredients for the traditional cheese pie named “kalasouna”.  

The homemade Folegandros pasta is called “matsata” and served with rooster or rabbit.

Other local dishes are the cooked capers, the baked chickpeas and “karavoli” (boiled snails).

You should also taste the extra delicious meat of the island, the small xeric tomatoes, “karpouzenia” pie (watermelon, honey and sesame) and the famous pasteli made of pure honey and sesame from Ano Meria.

Ideal for breakfast or brunch is the local “kouloura”, bread with sesame and anise served with souroto cheese.

In Ano Meria, the traditional tiled ovens use phrygana for fuel. “Kouloures”, “methysmena” (biscuits finished with wine) and manouri pies are baked there, thus taking a very special smoked flavor.

-The island has no wine tradition. The wines are usually imported from Crete, such as raki, which is also the main ingredient of rakomelo that is traditional in the whole South Aegean.


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