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In Ios they make delicious vegetable pies, ‘ladopsomo’ (oil bread), chickpeas in a clay, chicken stuffed with raisins and rice.

It is worth trying ‘karpouzopita’ that is also called ‘mosenta’: it is made of watermelon juice, flour and sugar and it is sprinkled with sesame seeds. As a treat at weddings, as in other islands of the Cyclades, ‘pasteli’ (sesame seed candy) is offered. ‘Melitinia’ (‘myzithra’ cheese pies) and ‘amygdalota’ (almond sweets) of Ios are renowned. A special flavor is the so called pickling figs (dried figs with sesame seeds).

The island produces ‘kefalotyri’, ‘graviera’, sour cheece, ‘skotyri’ (with pasty texture and spicy flavor), ‘myzithra’.

You can buy capers that grows here or it is cultivated biologically and honey (Agricultural Cooperative of Ios tel.: +30 22860 91313).



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