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Make sure you try the ‘kopanisti’ cheese, the ‘xinotyro’ (sour cheese), the ‘louza’ (cooked pork – similar to Italian prosciutto) and the sausages of the island. Many stores in Chora sell these products.

- The ‘kopanisti’ cheese is a product of the Cyclades, but the ‘kopanisti’ of Mykonos is probably the most famous one. This spicy soft cheese with the strong aroma is made of cow milk (in some cases a small portion of lamb or goat milk is added, as well). More cheese is added to it during its maturation period in cloth baskets that are called ‘tsantiles’. It has been officially recognized as a Product of Protected Designation of Origin and it is solely produced in the Cyclades. The Mykonians call it ‘myzithra’, as well.

-The traditional sausages of Mykonos are spiced with savory, oregano, salt, pepper and allspice. They are hanged to dry in the open.

-Wines are produced from the varieties of Aidani, Assyrtiko, Athyri, Malagouzia, Mandilari etc.

-When it comes to pastries, you have to try the ‘amygdalota’ that are made with ground almond on Mykonos and other Cycladic islands, as well. The ‘amigdalota”, whose shape is long and narrow, are first baked and then covered with sugar.

‘CHIROSFAGIA’ (Pig slaughter festival)

The annual slaughter of domesticated pigs and the family feasts that follow constitute one of the rural traditions of Mykonos that has been preserved to this day. ‘Louzes’, sausages, ‘syglina’ (corned pork), corned lard, ‘paides’ (rib cages) etc. are produced during the ‘chirosfagia’. This custom dates back to the Antiquity and has a Dionysian ritual character.


The ‘chirosfagia’ take place in early October. A special event is organized by the Association of Mykonian Women.

For further information please call:

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