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The “island home” of the Region of South Aegean Islands stood out at WTM 2016

Where the Dodecanesian element was intense

Once again the Region of South Aegean managed to stand out and let its intense island mark at the London International Tourism Fair WTM. With a pavilion which highlights all the special features of the Dodecanese and the Cyclades, the Region brought to London an "island oasis."

This year, the Region's participation in WTM was admittedly enhanced and managed to represent the Dodecanese and the whole region as a tourist destination.

Note that the Region of South Aegean Islands was the only Greek Region who participated in WTM, with its own stand, which was set up from scratch, designed specifically to showcase the island's identity. The stand is designed to sense the island home and the outdoor market, aiming, apart from anything else, to focus on the local products and the gastronomy of the islands, taking advantage of the new, powerful fact that the Region of South Aegean claims the title of Gastronomy Region of Europe 2019.

In the cleverly staged street market at the island house that was presented by the Region of South Aegean in the London exhibition, the most well-known products of the primary sector of the Dodecanese were presented like melekounia from  Rhodes, honey from Rhodes, Tilos, Karpathos , pasta, legumes and cereals from all the islands that have a great variety and abundance. Certainly the Dodecanese Souma and various liqueurs "warmed up" the visitors.

Due to the originality of its construction, the stand of the Region of South Aegean in WTM 2016 was included among the 10 candidates for awards. This proves that aiming in highlighting specific features of the islands through a structure that uses materials such as wood and stone that are often found in insular architecture, if anything elected largely what represents the South Aegean Region as a destination.

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