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First glance

A woman of dazzling beauty, like the statue of Aphrodite which made the island famous all over the world: this is how Milos looks like if you circumnavigate it. White, green, pink, red, yellow colours inedibly paint the slopes and the volcanic rocks with the amazing forms and shapes. Turquoise and green-azure waters, caves, rocky islets, lacy bays, “syrtmata”, little ports that are left in the past, extraterrestrial… Sarakiniko, colourful Klima with the people playing backgammon next to the sea while the sunsets, both being the protagonists in a unique spectacle that unravels around them. The gaze and the cameras cannot manage to record such beauty, within so few kilometres of coastline; more time is needed and the will to search and discover even more every time.

Then you reach Kleftiko and you wish you could stay there for days, gazing at the white arches of the rocks which are mirrored on the green waters and the caves which can easily fit a big inflatable. After that, you ascent the top of the castle, in Plaka, and you stay speechless watching one of the most impressive sunsets of your life. Next to you, there are well-dressed couples enjoying the same unique spectacle hugged. At night,  after enjoying the food at the restaurants in Plaka, Adamantas, and Pollonia, you stand at the forecourt of Korfiatisa, you gaze at the lighted ships that circumnavigate the coasts of Milos within an unexpected silence. You keep the moment inedibly engraved in your memory, just like the ones that you have experienced on the island of Milos during your holidays. And you wish you could experience more of these moments.

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