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Panagia Kalamiotissa

From the balcony of the monastery of Panagia Kalamiotissa you gaze far and beyond the pelago. A cruciform church with a dome, surprisingly elegant for the steep place where it is located, it is one of the most windswept small monasteries in the Greek seas. There are cells with the inscribed building year of 1715.
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The monastery of Zoodochos Pigi

The locals call it monastery of Kato Panagia, contrary to Ano Panagia which is Kalamiotissa. The main church of the monastery dominates over the temple of Apollo and it shares the same yard, where cells and chapels were added later. It is a single-room church with a dome while later on in its western façade a multiple-arched bell tower was added.
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Agios Antonios

At the brink of the steep NE coasts of the island, gazing at the pelago towards Amorgos and Astypalaia, the country church of Agios Antonios dates back to the Late Middle Ages. The rooftop of the church has two arches and in its north aisle inside it, murals of the Visitation, Ascension and Nativity are preserved which date back to the early 14th century.
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Panagia sto dokari

The white-washed country church on the path leading to Kastelli is dedicated to Virgin Mary. Its construction materials come from a big burial complex of the Roman period. On the threshold of the small church a marble sarcophagus with relief representations of Erotides, Grypes, Medusa, Perseus and Pegasus stands out, which was the last residence of a prominent Roman citizen.
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