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The exhibition of Hozoviotissa’s artifacts

It is located in the Sacrist beside the entrance of Hozoviotissa’s monastery, in evocative vaulted rooms and it was inaugurated in 2007. It includes samples of the Byzantine and late-Byzantine ecclesiastical art: portable icons, liturgical and priestly vestments, carved wooden crosses, Gospels, chalices, patens, scoops, and many other useful objects and offerings. The Evangelary of the 11th century with 6 thumbnails stands out in a special room. The collection of the monastery’s manuscripts is popular, which amounts about one hundred codices from the 10th to the 18th century. A systematic record of the monastery’s artifacts took place by professor and archaeologist Mrs Lila Marangou with the care and supervision of whom the exhibition was created. Info Tel.: +30 22850 71274    

The Archaeological Collection of Amorgos

The building is part of the renowned tower of Gavras, at Chora’s Platisteno. Along with the older houses at Vorinait constitutes one of the few samples of the secular architecture during the Venetian rule (1207-1537) on the island and it dates back to the 16th century. The Archaeological Collection includes sculptures and representative samples of the prehistoric times from the three ancient towns of Amorgos. Also sculptures from the Archaic period (6th century BC) to the Roman rule (3rd century). In the courtyard, there are inscriptions, reliefs and statues of the same era.
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