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Archaeological museum of Chora

Established in 1998, based on the modern museum idea. It is housed in Amiradakio, the neoclassic building which is located at a central point in Chora. In its four halls, antiquities from the excavations of archaeologist P. Graindor and the Archaeological Service (26th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities) are exhibited since 1980 and onwards. The findings from the third millennium BC (mainly from the area of Skarkos) and the second millennium (of the Middle and Late Bronze Age) are important. Objects that are related to the history of the island until the 7th century are presented in the last halls. Most of the exhibits come from the ancient city of Ios, situated at the present location of Chora.   Info  The museum is open daily except for Mondays, from 8:30 till 15:00. Tel.: +30 22860 91246     

The open-air theatre Odysseas Elytis

It was inaugurated in 1997 and it took the name of the Greek Nobel Prize winner and poet Odysseus Elytis. It is located above the windmills of Chora and it is built in the ancient-Greek patterns of stone and marble. It can fit 1100 people. The dressing rooms are located directly beneath the marble seats. Oriented towards the south, it offers a double sight: That of the stage and the permanent "setting" of the light blue sea. With classic acoustics of an ancient theater and Doric austerity, the theater Odysseas Elytis is an adornment to the island. Every summer it hosts cultural events, concerts, theatre performances and the ‘Omiria’ festival.  
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Municipal Library of Ios

Located in the central square of Chora. It is a lending one and it has collected many books through donations. It has internet connection for research reasons and a reading room.   Info Tel.: +30 22860 91940  
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