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Archaeological museum

The new Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos opened in 2009 and it is built in the centre of Pothia, the capital of the island. Until then, the mansion belonging to Katerina Vouvali, which was a donation of the owner, served as archaeological museum.

Folklore Museum

It is located 1,5km to the south-west, towards the area Vothini. In this museum you can find a representation of the traditional Kalymnian house. Among the exhibits you can find costumes, looms, spindles, woven, dishes and glassware of that period, a hand mill, pitchers, household equipment, the “krevatos” (family bed) with a baby cot above it and a sofa. Moreover, there are old coins, books, letters, guns and swords. The museum curators can inform you about the mores and customs of the Kalymnians.    

Naval museum

This building is a donation made by Katerina Vouvali and it is situated next to the City Hall. Katerina Vouvali was the wife of the wholesaler Nikolaos Vouvalis. She managed to gather a huge fortune and she benefited her homeland by means of various donations. The museum consists of four halls and contains exhibits that mainly emanate from the life of sponge divers, the mores and the customs of Kalymnians. In the first hall, there are photographs from the beginning of the 20th century that depict the town and various events before the departure of sponge divers, stone, leaded and iron anchors, nautical charts from the 16th-17th century, findings from shipwrecks, stone cylinders, ship’s rigging, nautical lights, dishes with nautical representations and wooden miniatures of boats.
The natural sponge handicraft “Kalinda” of the company ATSAS & Co. GP is located at the port of Pothia, near the area Lafassi. It processes 30,000 sponges on an annual basis and it is accessible to the public. Here, not only can you find all the marketable kinds of sponges (“kapadika”, “matapades”, “lagofita”, “tsimouhes” and “melathia”), but you can also see in detail all the stages that sponges undergo before entering the market.

The Kalymnian House

Towards the area of Saint Savvas and just before the final hill to the top of the mound, you will meet the Kalymnian House. You can see the past with your own eyes. Everyday objects, the traditional bed, the baby’s cot and, generally, you can enjoy scenes showing how everyday life of Kalymnos used to be in the past. The owner of the museum will be more than willing to show you around. You can have access to the museum either by means of the public transport bus, or by means of a taxi that can be found in the buses’ departure point in Pothia.  

Wreck findings in Valsamidis Sea World Museum

It is definitely worth visiting the Sea World museum of Mr. Valsamidis in Vlihadia. It constitutes a remarkable private collection. More specifically, there are three exhibition halls in a large space resembling a whitewashed Aegean yard. In the first hall you can see all kinds of sponges and if you are lucky, you may see a demonstration of their processing.
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