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Apeiranthos Museums

Archaeological museum: This is a small museum on the main pedestrian street of the village. It was created by the archaeological collection of Michalis Bardanis. It houses findings from excavations carried out in the area, such as ceramics, figurines, amphorae, jars, compasses, a few sculptures, tools, etc. Tel.: +30 22850 61725

Museums in Chora of Naxos

ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM. It is housed in one of the most important buildings of the castle, the old Jesuit school. It is five-storey and houses the museum since 1973. It exhibits artwork and utensils found in the excavations that have been constantly carried out on the island since World War II, and they date back from the Neolithic to the old Christian years (5300 B.C. – 5th century A.D.). Of great importance are the exhibits of the early Cycladic period (3200-2300 B.C.), such as marble figurines and pottery collections of the Mycenean and Geometric period.
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