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Archaeological Museum

It is housed in Giannidios Estia near Heroes Square in Mandraki. The collection includes vases, tombstones, sculptures and architectural parts mostly from the Hellenistic and the Roman period.   Info  Behind the Town Hall there is an outdoor collection of ancient objects with findings mainly of plastic art from various places of the island. Several findings from Nisyros are hosted in the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes as well.  

Volcanological Museum

It was launched in 2008 and it is housed in the former elementary school of Nikia. It was created by the Municipality of Nisyros in cooperation with AUTH, IGME (Greek Institute of Geology & Mineral Exploration) and the Ministry of the Aegean. It is hyper-modern and it has halls where the rocks and various findings are exposed, as well as event halls. There are the following topics: Genesis and structure of volcanoes, Volcanic processes and products, The Volcanoes of Greece, The Volcano of Nisyros, The other active volcanoes in Greece, Volcanoes-Environment-Man. Near the museum there is a Volcanological observatory which records the data from all the active volcanoes 24 hours a day.   Info Tel.: +30 22420 31400

History-Folklore Museum

It is housed in a renovated traditional residence, at the stairs towards the monastery of Panagia Spiliani. It includes folklore art objects, photos, souvenirs, embroidery and a traditional cuisine of Nisyros.
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