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The impressive two-storey building on the northeast part of Chora of Patmos was erected in 1705-1796 and maintains the characteristic architectural elements of Patmos along with some gothic ones. On the ground floor there were the ovens, the spaces where food was stored, the cisterns and the chapel, while on the first floor there were the bedrooms called “ipnos” (sleep), the hall or nontas and the upper courtyards. A quite impressive element is the ampataros, the wooden object (similar to a curtain) with the elaborate decoration that was used as a partition between nontas and ipnos and at the same time as a storage space.

The vestry-museum of the monastery of Saint John the Theologian

The most important site of the monastery of Saint John, apart from its catholicon, is the museum-vestry that it is considered to be the biggest museum in the Aegean. It was inaugurated in 1988 during the celebration of the 800 years since the foundation of the monastery and it is located where the cells of the monks and the oven of the 11thcentury used to be. The oven is preserved in the centre of the ground floor. In the showcases of the museum there are treasures of great value, the most significant of which is the parchment of the purple code (late 5th early 6thcentury): Its content is the Gospel According to Mark and it is one of the sources for the text of the New Testament.
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