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Museum of Prehistoric Thera

It is one of the most significant museums in Greece as it includes findings that were brought to light during the excavations of the Archaeological Company of Athens in Akrotiri, the earlier excavations of the German Archaeological Institute and the excavations of the KA' Curatorship of Antiquities at different spots.  

'Santorini that is gone'

Cultural quote Today in the traditional block of an old winery built in 1895, the current owner Giannis Drosos-Chrysos has inspired the development of a site that would give the visitor the opportunity to admire a museum collection of objects and photographs that depict the island's former traditional lifestyle. Through these exhibits you can be informed about the process of wine production, the production of fava as well as about the villas and farmer houses. The exhibition is followed by a large number of photographic materials. Info Tel: +30 22860 31101

Archaeological museum

It was built in 1960 in order to replace the former museum that was established in 1902 and that collapsed in the earthquakes of 1956. It includes: - Sculptures from the archaic to the Roman period. - Epigraphs from the archaic to the Roman period. -Ceramic and clay figures dating back to the geometric until the Hellenistic period. Info Tel: +30 22860 22217

Ecclesiastical collection

Since 1997 in the church of Agia Triada at Kasteli of Pyrgos there is an exhibition of holy icons and ecclesiastical heirlooms that runs on a regular basis. It contains icons of the Cretan and other local icon painters, works of wood carving and metal art, ecclesiastical embroideries, vestments and other objects of ecclesiastical use that date back to the 17th-18th centuries.   Info  Tel: +30 22860 31812  

Exhibition of Musical Instruments

The exhibition of ancient, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine musical instruments is hosted in the old building of the Community Storehouse in Oia. It includes musical pieces that belong to the collection of the composer and musicologist Christodoulo Chalari. The exhibited musical instruments are true copies of the original ones and they have been manufactured according to the sources and historical elements regarding their existence and use from the prehistoric era until the Byzantine period.     Info   Tel: +30 210 9027369 +30 6932742170 See also    

Oia Naval Museum

It is hosted within a captain's residence of the 19th century in Oia and contains all types of exhibits that refer to the history of shipping in the island, mainly during the 19th century. The exhibits include figureheads, anchors, shipping boxes, sextants, components of shipping equipment, ship models, rare scripts and books, shipping agreements etc. Great photographic material is exhibited as well.   Info  Tel: +30 22860 71156  

The Villa of Argyros

This imposing building of 1888 belonged to the farmer and wines tradesman George Emmanuel Argyros from Mesaria. It combines local architecture with eclectic elements and is characterised by artistically exquisite roof paintings. All furniture and utensils have been preserved.     Info   Tel:+30 22860 31669  

Bellonio Cultural Foundation

It is located near the main square of Fira and aims at promoting literature and Fine Arts in the island. It hosts a library of 35,000 volumes that is constantly updated with new publications. There is also a room that is used for various events or celebrations as well as a meeting room.   Info  Tel: +30 22860 24960  
The idea of the establishment of an institute that would promote, not only in Greece but all over the world, the historic and cultural heritage of Thera and the Aegean Sea in general was conceived in 1969 when Petros M. Nomikos took over the Presidency of the Organising Committee of the 1st International Conference for Thera.  

Megaro Gyzi

The Culutral Centre Megalo Gyzi in Fira is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1980 with the initiative and financial support of the Catholic Bishopship of Thera. It is hosted in a Renaissance villa of the 1700s.  

Folklore Museum of Emmanuel Lignos

It is located in Kontochori (1km away from Fira) and it is roofed in a building of 1861. The rooms are indicative of the image of a traditional house in Santorini. There are also carved houses built, wineries, caves, traditional cafés, laboratories where lamps are manufactured, carpentries, barrel shops, shoe shops, print shops etc., repositories and art galleries with works inspired by Santorini and the chapel of St. Kostantinos.   Info  Tel: +30 22860 22792

Collection of rocks and fossils

It was developed in 2006 by the Cultural Association of Thera. There are multiple minerals and fossils exhibited from Thera, Greece and other countries. The most ancient exhibit dates back to 1.5 billion years ago, whereas the latest one 50,000 years ago.   Info  Opening hours: Every day 10:00-14:00 during summer period; only Sunday mornings during winter period.  
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