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Exhibition of Folklore Items in Artemonas

In the exhibition that operates in the summers in the beautiful village of Artemonas you will admire a Sifnian house of traditional architecture with old furniture, embroideries, framed pictures, gravures, earthen utensils, traditional costumes, marriage contracts etc. There are also exhibited documents of the local poet Ioannis Gryparis as well as his couch.   Info  Open from July 15 to Sptember 15, in the afternoon.  

Museum of Ecclesiastical Art

It is housed in the monastery of Vrysiani, in Exambela. Among the exhibits there are forms of old editions, a gospel of 1796, reliquaries, cherubims, sacred vessels, vestments, icons, a priestly phelonion of exceptional art, and more.   Info  It is open daily throughout the year. Tel.: +30 22840 31937  

Archaeological Museum of Kastro

It houses findings (clay figurines, coin collections, limestone lion head, lachrimals) from the excavations in Kastro and the rest of the island, which date from the late 8th century BC up to the 4th century AD. Among the most important exhibits are the arathemote crowning member of a marble grave column (4th century BC), the head of a marble female statue (4th century BC), the head of a marble kouros (middle of 6th century BC) and the marble Ionic column capital (6th century BC).   Info Tel.: +30 22840 31022   

Exhibition in the acropolis of Agios Andreas

It operates since 2010 in the archaeological site of Agios Andreas acropolis, with findings from excavations in the area. Printed and electronic educational material about the ancient “asty” (city), i.e. Kastro, the mines of Sifnos and the ancient towers (fryktories) is exhibited.   Info  Open daily, except for Modays and bank holidays, from 8:30 in the morning to 15:00.    

Folklore Museum of Apollonia

The building in the centre of Apollonia dates back to 1966 and the museum operates since 1974. Through its exhibits you will learn the daily routine and the history of the island. You will see the Sifnian lace in Bobbin lace, agricultural tools and weapons, costumes, the straw hats of Sifnos, the “tsikalia” for “revithada” (chickpea soup) and “mastelo”, the eighth edition of Tselementes, “poulia” (Easter buns in strange shapes) and more.   Info It operates in the summer. Tel.: +30 22840  33730      
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