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Archaeological Museum

It is housed in the Town Hall of Ermoupoli since the early 20th century, with an independent entrance on the western side. It was founded in 1834 and it is one of the oldest museums in Greece. Its core was the archaeological collection, mainly consisting of inscriptions which were gathered at that time by Ioannis Kokkonis. It houses findings from the Prehistoric up to the Late Roman years –with the most important findings being those from Chalandriani. Furthermore there are Hellenistic and Roman sculptures, inscriptions and tombstones from Syros and other islands of South Aegean. Tel.: +30 22810 88487

Club Hellas (or Chians’)

It was built under designs of Italian Sampo. The Ermoupolitan merchants had already founded clubs in the 1830s which operated as places of information and cosmopolitan events –as well as informal stock markets. The club Hermes and the club of the Ermoupolitans are two of the oldest clubs. The club of the Chians houses the Municipality’s Cultural Center since 1970 (tel.: +30 22810 82118) and the Municipal Library (tel.: +30 22810 88089). The Copies of Cycladic Art Museum is housed here as well according to the standards of N. Goulandris Museum in Athens. It is open since 1993. Educational programs for the children and tours for the visitors are organized (tel.: +30 22810 85300). 

Industrial Museum of Ermoupoli

This quite interesting museum concerning the industry, the shipping and Ermoupoli itself is unique in the Aegean. It was founded by the Municipality of Ermoupoli in the restored factory of Katsimantis, where permanent collections and temporary collections are housed. It was inaugurated on May 12, 2002. Other buildings of the museums are the textile factory of Velissaropoulos, the lead-shot factory of Anerousis –the only one of the kind in Europe where the visitor can see how the lead-shot production was made-, the tannery of Kornilakis-Dendrinos, the textile factory of Velissaropoulos, where the workshop of restoration and maintenance of the museum’s old machinery and tools is housed.   Info It is located at 11, G. Papandreou Str. Tel.: +30 22810 84762.

Markos Vamvakaris and his museum

Markos Vamvakaris is considered to be the founder of rebetiko and folk song. He was born in Ano Syros, in the district of Skali, on May 10, 1905. The involvement with music characterized his poor family: His father played the bagpipe and his grandfather wrote lyrics. The Museum of Markos Vamvakaris is housed in a building of Ano Syros which was renovated in 1995. Personal items, clothes, photos, books, old gramophones etc. are exhibited there.

Historical Archive of the Cyclades

It is housed in Ladopoulos hall, on the left of the Town Hall. Its rich archives date back to 1821 and they are open for the researchers and the visitors.  
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