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Kalymnos is an island in the South-East Aegean that is situated between Leros, Kos and the coast of Asia Minor. It is separated from Leros by means of Lero’s narrow strait, also known as the canal of Kalymnos or Diapori. Kos is located in the South-East and at a distance of approximately 14 miles to the east there is the Turkish part of Asia Minor. Finally, to the south there is the Sea of Crete and to the northwest there is the Icarian Sea.

It has a land area of 110.5 square kilometers and this makes it the fourth biggest island of the Dodecanese.

The main residential center and port is the city of Kalymnos or Pothia. According to the results of the census that took place in 2011, the total population of the island is estimated at 16,179 residents. Kalymnos has a craggy limestone orography, its coasts are relatively steep, with a distinguishing horizontal scroll and the vegetation is sparse. As a result, people of Kalymnos turned to fishery and seafaring a long time ago and, recently, they have turned to tourism. In fact, they are considered as the best fishermen all over the world regarding to sponges. The island is known as “The Island of Sponge Divers.”


The island’s soil is relatively rocky, mountainous, with small plains. The mountains of Kalymnos are treeless having as main summits the Profitis Ilias in the center (760 m), the Kira Psili or Karapsili (700 m) to the south-east and the Galatiani to the north-west. The main bays are the harbor Potheas (South-East), which is also the harbor of the capital, the bay Rineas to the north there is the bay of Paleonisos (North, North-East), the Emporios (West, North-West), the Linaria to the south and the Pithari to the south.

Kalymnos is surrounded by a big number of little islets, from which the most important are the uninhabited Glaronisia, Kalavros, they inhabited Telendos, Plati and Pserimos, the islets Nera, Agios Nikolaos and Agios Andreas, Imia and, finally, to the north-east, Pitta and Kalolimnos.


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