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Sifnos belogs to the Western Cyclades. It is 73.2km and its coasts are 73km long. Its highest peak is Profitis Ilias (678m), where the homonymoys monastery is located, and Agios Symeon (463m) above Kamares. The northern part of the island has little vegetation, whereas the western and southern part is more afforested. There are hills and fertile valleys in the interior of the island with olive trees, vineyards and cereals. A characteristic of the landscape –as in Andros, Tinos and in other Cycladic islands, is the stone walls. The ore exploitation on the island, according to evidence, had already started since the prehistoric years and it continued in the Archaic and Classical period with ore exploitation of lead-silver and gold. There are 13 settlements on the inland and on the coasts. The central villages of the island have been declared and are protected since 1962 as “areas of outstanding natural beauty”.


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