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Volcanic Nisyros (The Volcano of Nisyros)

Nisyros, the remote beauty of the Dodecanese, is a quiet place, far from the well-trod tourist path, which is meant to fascinate and charm visitors with its strong colorful character, the dark brown of its volcanic earth, the white of its houses and the deep blue of its sea.


It has always been shrouded with mystique because of its volcano which has not erupted since 1888, but remains active. The entire island is in fact a volcano, with a 4 km caldera at its center and five smaller craters, the most imposing of which is the 3,000 to 4,000-year-old Stefanos.


With a depth of 27m and a 330m diameter, it is considered the largest and most well preserved hydrothermal crater in the world. Like a sleeping beast, it is still puffing sulphuric fumes from its many fumaroles, making it hard for some people to visit the area, let alone walk at the bottom of the crater. If, however, you can stand the smell, a visit there makes for a unique, otherworldly experience.


So if Nisyros was ever on your bucket list, here is a unique excuse to visit it this summer. You don’t get to visit a volcano every day!

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