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The scattered coasts, the fragmentation of the land, the division of the eastern and the western parts of the island and the fact that you can see the capital from so many different spots on Astypalaia, make your hiking experience here memorable. There are two main trails: if you take the first one, on the west side of Astypalaia, you will start from Livadi and pass through Agios Vasilios, Tzanaki, Arkavli, Agios Konstantinos, Papou, Kaminakia and Vatses if you choose to walk towards the south of the island. If you choose to go north, you will pass by Panagia Flevariotissa, Messaria and the beaches of Agios Ioannis and Panormos.
If you take the second one, on the east side of Astypalaia, you will pass through Maltezana, Vrysi, Vai, Castellanos and the church of Panagia Poulariani before you finally reach Exo Vathi.



If you make previous arrangements with a boatman, you can return to the capital by boat from the beach of Agios Ioannis. 

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