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The path has given way to a rural road at least half the route. However, its interest remains undiminished, as it passes near the old mines of copper and calamine excavation and it offers an impressive view to the bay of Kalotaritissa and the rocks of Xylompatis. You go up the slope from the last house of Kalotaritissa until you meet the path that goes left. From here onwards you should follow the signpost in red paint on various stones with the initials “Π.Β.” which you strictly follow until the point they start going downwards. There you leave them behind and continue on the non-signposted but distinct direction of the trail. After a while the view over both sides of the island is unforgettable. On the one side, there are the constantly furious rocks of Xylompatis, on the other side the windless bay of Kalotaritissa. 60 minutes after the starting point you reach the pass where the wind is usually fierce. Passing on other side of the island for good, you meet the dirt road that ends in the asphalted road above Stavros.   Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.


In a distinct point, just above the beach of Kedros there is a sign showing the nearby hill with indications to Messaria, Mersini and Kalotaritissa. The path starts from here and it goes up to the top of the hill, winding up the slope. At some places it fades out, but if you keep a constant direction to the top there is no problem. When it finally starts going downwards to Messaria, it is well-extrapolated and it offers a panoramic view to the homonymous settlement and the sea, while the central road passes beneath it.  Duration: up to 30 minutes.
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